Biographical Information
Physical Description
Color Onyx
Other Information
Dragon Rider Fëanor
Family Kaval (son)
Affiliation Brighthollow

Blacktooth is an onyx dragon paired with the elf Fëanor.

First Appearance Edit

Vosper's Revenge


Blacktooth is an onyx dragon from Brighthollow. He traveled from Brighthollow with Fëanor and other dragon riders and their dragons to help defend Parthos and Mount Velik during the Dragon Stones trilogy.

In Brinsop's Brood, he assisted Fëanor in attempting to steal Brinsop's hatchlings. For his troubles, he incurred severe injuries in a fight with Brinsop (which Fëanor healed) and was banished from the Death Sands indefinitely. However, Brinsop ended up allowing him to take his son, Kaval, back to Brighthollow.