Carina Dorgumir
Biographical Information
Born 614
Died 685 (Age 71)
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Other Information
Magic Degree 3rd Degree
Family Elias Dorgumir (Grandson)

Ionela Fairhair (Daughter) †

Carina Dorgumir was a 3rd degree mage, a skilled healer, and the grandmother of Elias Dorgumir. She lived in Persil where she worked as a healer and raised Elias.

History Edit

Carina was primarily a healer with some other minor powers. Her husband (Elias' grandfather) was a dragon rider and was killed.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones


Carina died when soldier's sent by Emperor Vosper came to her home looking for the emerald dragon stone that Elias had recently found. To give Elias a chance to escape and to kill the soldiers, Carina used a powerful fire spell that cost her her life. Carina, the soldiers, and her home were all consumed by the fire. Before Carina sacrificed herself for Elias, she gave him her grimoire so he could begin teaching himself the spells it contained.