Catkin's Root

Wild catkin's root

Catkin's root is a plant native to Ravenwood. Its tubers are a staple food among the Dwarves at Mount Velik.


Catkin's root is a shaggy-looking plant. It looks somewhat like ragweed, but the stalks are riddled with sharp thorns. The oily leaves are covered in sharp thorns, and it is important to avoid being pricked by them. The oil on the leaves can enter cuts and cause itchy welts and a rash that lasts for days. Catkin's root also grows berries, but they are poisonous. The plant should never be touched with bare hands.

Despite these hazards, the bright purple tubers of the plant look somewhat like potatoes and are quite edible.


Catkin's root is common food among Dwarves. The roots may look like potatoes, but they can actually be rinsed off and eaten raw like an apple. They are also delicious when cooked. Dwarf women often use them in soups and other meals.