Biographical Information
Born Unknown, but young for an Elf
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Male
Skin Color Pale
Other Information
Magic Degree Unknown
Dragon Blacktooth
Affiliation Dragon Rider of Brighthollow
Fëanor is an elf dragon Rider of Brighthollow.

First Appearance Edit

Vosper's Revenge


Fëanor is relatively young for an elf. All elves have beautiful, pale skin, and Fëanor is no different. As an elf, he can change his appearance easily by the use of a faerie glamour. However, he is usually shown as a male with pale skin, light eyes, and white-blonde hair that is cropped at the shoulder. 


In the Dragon Stones trilogy, Fëanor left Brighthollow with Carnesîr and Amandila to help against the attacks on Parthos and Mount Velik. After Emperor Vosper was defeated, they stayed at Mount Velik to help prevent the dwarves from starting a civil war. When the situation at Mount Velik escalated, Fëanor and the other elves returned to Brighthollow.

In Brinsop's Brood, Fëanor went to the desert to steal Brinsop's hatchlings and take them back to Brighthollow to be raised by elves. He ultimately failed to do so, but Daakul was able to strike a bargain with Brinsop, who agreed to let the elves have one of her hatchlings in return for a personal favor. Whether Fëanor acted independently or not in this is unclear, but it's likely he was ordered to do it by the queen.