Falenrith Oban
Falenrith Oban
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark
Other Information
Magic Degree Unknown
Family Abby Oban (Daughter)

Braden Oban (Son)

Muriel Oban (Wife) †

Affiliation Former Leader of Shadow Grid
Falenrith Oban was once a leader of the Shadow Grid. He was hiding in Faerroe for over five years. He and his two kids left to stay with his aunt in Starryford after Thorin told him staying in the city might be too dangerous.

In his first appearance (Dragon Stones), his children, Abby and Braden, are stated to be approximately 12 years of age.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones


Falenrith is a tall, thin mage. His hair is dark and he has a sparse goatee.