Holf Isolated
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Blond
Other Information
Magic Degree Unknown, but Powerful
Dragon Karela
Family Galti (Brother)

Vigrid (Grandfather)

Mother †

Father (Missing, Assumed Dead)

Holf Thallan is a powerful young mageborn and naturally adept telepath. He is paired with the dragon Karela. Galti is his twin brother.

First Appearance Edit

Return of the Dragon Riders


Holf has pale blue eyes and hair so blond that it is almost white. He wears his hair cropped short. Unlike his twin brother, Holf has a star-shaped birthmark on the back of his neck.


Holf and Galti's mother died in childbirth. Their father was a mage at Aonach Tower who managed to escape being killed when Emperor Vosper's soldiers invaded. He later went missing and is presumed dead.