King Galain Arcaius
Biographical Information
Died Died years before Book 1
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Other Information
Family King Mitca Arcaius (Son) †

Rali Arcaius (Grandson)

Affiliation King of Ravenwood, One of the Five Kings
King Galain Arcaius was king of Ravenwood and one of the Five Kings of Durn. He was the father of King Mitca Arcaius. Ravenwood was eventually taken over by Emperor Vosper and King Galain sacrificed himself to save his son.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones


King Galain uncovered Emperor Vosper's plan to kill the Five Kings and their families months before it was to be put into place, thanks to a spy he had placed in the Emperor's palace. King Galain wanted to spare his son, so the night before they were to be executed, he dressed a slave boy to pose as Mitca. King Galain killed himself and the slave in order to make Emperor Vosper believe he and his son committed suicide together. The plan worked and it was many years before Emperor Vosper discovered what had happened. By that time, Mitca had already escaped to the Death Sands and founded the kingdom of Parthos.