King Hergung Lindisfarne was the ruler of the dwarves who live at Mount Velik. During the dwarven civil war, the Vardmiter clan opposed King Hergung and eventually left Mount Velik to create their own settlement in the Highport Mountains.

First Appearance Edit

Vosper's Revenge

Family Edit

King Hergung's cousin was Thorin Ulfarsson.


Hergung was only a clan leader during the Dragon Wars. He was later crowned king and became ruler of all the dwarven clans.

King Hergung lost his right leg after the siege on Mount Velik, during which Skera-Kina infiltrated the mountain and introduced an orandi fungus infection into the king's wounds. Tallin and Carnesîr eventually arrived; though they were able to minimize the damage caused by the infection and to save the king's life, they were not able to save his leg, which had to be amputated at the knee.

Death Edit

Even though Hergung survived being attacked by Skera-Kina, he never fully recovered from his injuries. Over the next several years, his health steadily declined, and he died in 693.