The city of Miklagard.

Miklagard is the city of free mages located in Everwood Forest. Approximately 2,000 mages live and train there.


The entire city is covered in a magic crystal dome that protects the city. The dome, which is surrounded by snow, is harder than diamond and draws its power from the mages who live within. The only way into the city is through underground caves. Inside the dome, there are hundreds of white homes bordering a vast crystal basilica.

Catacomb of KingsEdit

See main entry for Catacomb of Kings.

The Catacomb of Kings is a burial site located beneath the Miklagard cathedral.

History Edit

Elias visits this place in the first trilogy, where this city serves as a haven for mages who would otherwise be killed for exploited by Vosper. Mages were encouraged to practice their skills as often as possible.

The city gets less mention in the next trilogy, but comes back into focus come The Shadow Grid Returns, where Miklagard turns out to be a point of contention among lower-level mages. After Vosper's defeat, the city was flooded with mageborns wanting to train, but it became overcrowded to the point that low-level mages starting being rejected out of hand. The rejected mages turned to the Shadow Grid for training instead. This causes significant friction between the Shadow Grid and the High Council, now led by Delthen, who ordered Aonach Tower be rebuilt in response to this problem.


Miklagard Map

A map of Durn. Miklagard is located in the far north of Durn within Everwood Forest.