Mitca's Refuge was a small natural oasis within sight of Parthos and approximately a 30 minute walk from the city gates. It was razed by Tallin via magic flames before the orc siege of Parthos. The nomads had already moved south, so the grass had grown tall. Fruit and nuts littered the ground. After razing, the ground was covered in a layer of obsidian. Tallin's fire spell was so hot that sand fused into glass, sealing the spring permanently.


It allowed travelers to drin, rest, and feed their there camels there. An underground aquifer fed a spring drilled and reinforced by King Mitca's engineers. The oasis was only a few feet wide, but it was essential to the area and is heavily used by the nomadic tribes that come to trade at Parthos.

Growing around the oasis are fruit trees and other comforts native to the Death Sands. Stone figs, dates, gyundi nuts, and cactus fruit are plentiful and freely available.

King Mitca used the refuge to create goodwill among his people and the nomads. King Mitca eventually had the pool lined with stone to keep the water cleaner.