Mount Heldeofol

Mount Heldeofol

Mount Heldeofol is the home of the Orcs of Durn, who live in its caves.


Mount Heldeofol is located in the west of Durn, north of the Death Sands. The Sleita Border is the disputed boundary between Orc lands and the norther edge of the Death Sands.

Runoff from Orc activity at the mountain is responsible for polluting the eastern fork of the river that feeds into Lake Wren. This, along with the copper mining runoff in the western fork of the river, has led to Lake Wren becoming heavily polluted.


Mount Heldeofol Map

A map of Durn. Mount Heldeofol is located in the far west of Durn. To the south is the Sleita Border and the Death Sands. To the north is Dead Man's Pass.