Biographical Information
Physical Description
Color Carnelian
Gender Female
Other Information
Dragon Rider Amandila
Family Atejul, m, emerald dragon

Nagendra is a carnelian dragon paired with the elf dragon rider Amandila.

First Appearance Edit

Return of the Dragon Riders


Nagendra's son is the emerald dragon Atejul


Nagendra is a carnelian dragon. Like other carnelian dragons, she has a red dragon stone. 


Nagendra once lived wild in the Death Sands. She was injured and only a few years old when she was discovered by Tallin and Duskeye. Nagendra later mated with Duskeye and then left the Death Sands to live in in the safety of Brighthollow. Just after Nagendra's egg hatched, she was paired with Amandila. Nagendra and her rider, along with two other dragons and their elf riders, eventually traveled back to the mainland of Durn to help defend Parthos against Emperor Vosper's forces.