The Nomads are the collective tribes of humans that live in the Death Sands.


Nomads are dark-skinned and the men have shaven heads. White oxide paint decorates their faces and arms. Their clothing is usually brick-red, coloring using natural plant dyes. Female nomads wear a butter-colored garment called a carthin that covers them from head to toe. It helps them to stay cool in the intense desert heat of the Death Sands, and it also hides them from male eyes. Peeking under a nomad woman's carthin is an offense punished by instant death.

When they travel, nomads carry banners dyed in their tribe colors. They also make use of oil lamps in order to see at night. Nomads usually travel either by foot or by camel, and camels are an invaluable livestock animal to them, both as a beast of burden and as a source of food.


Mageborn nomads receive a unique kind of training and become shamans. Being a shaman is considered a man's work, though a female counterpart exists in the form of medicine women. Both shamans and medicine women learn magic for the sake of serving their people, but their roles are kept largely separate and they follow different styles of training.


Nomad tribes visit Parthos often to trade. They sell bone knives, saddles, dried goods, and beaded leather clothing. Nomad women also weave intricate baskets woven so tightly that they can hold water. The tribes are known to travel to Parthos to buy some of their excellent camels to improve their herds.


Nomads usually wield spears as their weapon of choice.