Nydeired (Senior)
Biographical Information
Born Unknown
Died Died during Dragon Wars
Physical Description
Color Diamond
Gender Male
Other Information
Family Nydeired (Junior)

Nydeired (Senior) was the mate of Starclaw and the father of Nydeired (Junior). He was a wild dragon and never carried a rider, but he still fought against Emperor Vosper in the Dragon Wars.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones


Nydeired was a wild diamond dragon who fought in the Dragon Wars. He was twice as large as any of the others. Carnelian dragons looked like hatchlings in comparison. Nyeired was able to kill hundreds of Emperor Vosper's soldiers and a few of his mages.


Nydeired was killed by a necromancer using a powerful spell during the Dragon Wars. As he fell from the sky, he breathed white fire and set the Emperor's whole camp on fire. When he hit the ground, he tore in half the necromancer who killed him.