Biographical Information
Physical Description
Color Onyx
Gender Male
Other Information
Dragon Rider Galti
Family Karela (Sister)

Orshek is an onyx dragon paired with the young human mageborn Galti. Orshek is also the brother of Karela.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones


Orshek is an onyx dragon. While onyx dragons are typically as large as a house, Orshek's growth was stunted by malnutrition he suffered when he was young. Orshek is slightly larger than Brinsop. 


Orshek and his sister Karela's mother and other siblings were killed by dragon hunters. The two barely survived. When Sela and Brinsop found them in the Death Sands, they were close to starving. Sela and Brinsop took Orshek and Karela back to Parthos where they recovered their health and were trained to defend the city. After Sela discovered the mageborn twins Galti and Holf, they were paired with Orshek and Karela.