Pangran Yurmek
Pangran Yurmek
Pangran Yurmek and his pony
Biographical Information
Born Unknown
Died 685
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Other Information
Magic Degree Unknown, but Weak
Pangran Yurmek was one of Emperor Vosper's mages.

First Appearance Edit

Dragon Stones


Pangran was an obese mage who worked for Emperor Vosper. His powers were weak. He rode a pony, which was also quite fat.


Pangran was traveling with some of the Emperor's soldiers and passed by where Tallin and his dragon Duskeye were hiding. Tallin used a concealment spell, but Pangran sensed someone was watching him and the empire soldiers he was with. The soldiers did not believe Pangran's warnings and were mocking him for being useless. Pangran threw a fireball spell in their direction. It went past them and hit Tallin's concealment spell, alerting Pangran and the soldiers of its presence. Tallin and Duskeye were forced to fight them, and Pangran was killed by the dragon.