Persil Map

A map of Durn. Persil can be seen near the Elburgian Mountains in the south of Durn.

Persil is the town in which Elias Dorgumir was raised and where the Dragon Stones Saga began. It was eventually abandoned by everyone except Frogar.


Persil is not a large town, but it was once bustling with activity before its abandonment. Farmers sold their produce in the town square.


The town's main source of income was the fur trade.


Persil was defended by a local militia. The town borders were patrolled by men carrying simple weapons.


After empire soldiers invaded, searching for the dragon stone Elias found in the forest, Persil was all but destroyed. Shortly afterwards, every surviving citizen besides Frogar, who had tipped off the empire about the dragon stone in the first place, left the town. Elias briefly visited to confront Frogar, but nobody else has otherwise returned. Persil is little more than a ghost town now.