Redmoor Island Map

A map of Durn. The eastern islands can be see to the southeast of the mainland.

Redmoor is a powerful kingdom consisting of the island of Redmoor as well as the two smaller islands Welley and Knutsford.


All three the islands were formed by an undersea volcano that is now dormant. Each of the islands is inhabited. There is also a lot of fishing and shipping in the area. Even the tiny island of Knutsford produces some of the best sailors in Durn.


Each island has its own government, but King Selwyn is the primary leader for all of them. The king has an impressive navy that controls the entire eastern seaboard. His control stretches north to the Abundant Sea. King Selwyn's treasury has a lot of money.


The main island is also the largest. Its soil is rich for farming because of the volcanic ash. The island exports exotic agricultural goods, such as starfruit.


Welley is somewhat smaller than Redmoor.


Knutsford is a tiny island.