In role-playing games, the role playing alignment is a description of the ethical perspective of the characters.

Role Playing Alignment SummaryEdit


  1. Lawful Good: Order and rule of law
  2. Lawful Neutral: Strong ethical code, neutral with regards to good and evil. 
  3. Lawful Evil: Methodical and cruel behavior within the law


  1. Neutral Good: Altruistic behavior towards others, but not aligned with either good nor evil
  2. True Neutral: Ambivalent towards others and other races. Most elves are in this category by default. 
  3. Neutral Evil: Selfish characters that are not bound bound by feelings, but are still bound by social conventions. They are neither evil nor good, they simply follow their whims and align themselves with whoever they have the most to gain. Most orcs are in this category. 


  1. Chaotic Good: A good character that is rebellious by nature and does not follow any social conventions. Tallin the Dragon Rider is in this category. 
  2. Chaotic Neutral: Individualist without regard for good or evil. Kathir the Mercenary is an example. 
  3. Chaotic Evil: The most death and destruction possible without regard for life. Necromancers are always in this category. 

Character Grid Edit