The Shadow Grid was a network of spies and thieves that aided the resistance against Emperor Vosper. Past leaders of the Shadow Grid include Falenrith Oban and Sisren. All of the thieves in the Shadow Grid were mageborn. The organization was eventually disbanded. Most of the members were either captured or killed by Emperor Vosper. In book one of the Dragon Stones Saga, Falenrith estimated that less than a dozen of the former members still lived. This turned out to be an exaggeration, as many Shadow Grid mages had gone into hiding.

The Shadow Grid makes a comeback and becomes instrumental again in Book 7, The Shadow Grid Returns. In this book, they become one of the main reasons why the Aonach Tower is being rebuilt, as students barred from studying magic in Miklagard end up turning to the Shadow Grid for training. There, they are also taught to steal and smuggle, and they swear blood oaths that bind them to their guildmaster. The High Council, Delthen in particular, strongly dislikes their presence and wishes to disband them for good.