The Nine are the private guards of Rali Arcaius, and were formerly the guards of his father, King Mitca Arcaius.


The Nine were originally the nine sons of Fivan Maynor. Until Fivan's death, he protected King Mitca. Whenever a member of The Nine dies, they are replaced by another family member, such as a nephew. One of The Nine was killed by Skera-Kina when she attacked the palace of Parthos to kill King Mitca. He was replaced by one of Fivan's grandsons, who is around the same age as Rali.


Each of The Nine are colossal men and are highly trained. They are covered in tattoos of magical protection. They wear simple tunics and trousers of thin, undyed cotton fabric. They have been trained since childhood to suppress their emotions.


The Nine do not use traditional names. Instead, they are referred to by their rank using the old language. The head of The Nine is called "Aor," which means "First." The second-in-command is called "Annarr," which means "Second." This naming convention continues down the ranks.

Binding Ceremony of The NineEdit

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When The Nine choose to guard someone, they perform a binding ritual.